Frequently Asked Questions


What if i'm claustrophobic?

This is probably the most common apprehension about floating. We find that 95% of the time, people who have this concern are able to get comfortable after the first few minutes. Remember that you are in complete control, and can exit the tank at any time. There is also a light setting for floating with the door propped or fully open.

how are the tanks kept sanitary?

We follow similar health department regulations for public pools and spas. Between each person, water is passed through a series of filters three times, and we also schedule filtration overnight. Our filtration process includes mechanical and UV steps, and we use a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide.


It is perfectly fine to fall asleep in the tank. In fact, some individuals sleep in float tanks on a regular basis! Because the water is much denser than your body, it is impossible for you to sink. The worst that could happen is an abrupt awakening to salt in your eyes.


do I need to bring anything?

Come as you are! We keep towels, ear plugs, blow dryers, and other useful things here at the spa for you. While you may wear a swimsuit if that makes you more comfortable, we encourage floating nude. Firstly, it helps keep the tanks cleaner, and more importantly, it is a better experience.

are there any cases where someone isn't allowed to float?

Float therapy is very accessible and can benefit most people. If you have epilepsy, a pacemaker, eczema, blackouts, a recent surgery or serious injury, or similar conditions, it is best to consult with your physician before you float. Pregnant women should also talk to their doctor before scheduling, though floating can be very helpful in easing the pains of pregnancy. Lastly, we ask that you abstain from floating if you recently dyed your hair or had tattoo work done.

can two people float together?

While there are tanks and floating pools out there that are roomy enough for two, ours only accommodate one person each. We think most people would prefer floating alone, as it's a very personal experience. Our spa has three float tanks, however, and your friend or partner can float in another tank at the same time!