Three? Why three? Well, not only does the number have some pretty interesting mathematical properties, but when it comes to trying something new, three attempts will give you a much better understanding, and potentially a nice glimpse of what’s to come. Some even say the third time’s a charm!

This is very evident in the realm of more esoteric practices such as meditation, yoga, and floating. From our experience over the past two years, and the flotation therapy community at large, when a newcomer tries three floats they tend to get a better, more complete, picture of what the practice truly has to offer.  

After all, for 99.9999999% of us, it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced and may take some adjustment. This is not to say your first float won't be amazing, because a majority of the time it is, but your first float is just the beginning. No matter what it is that you use the tank for, the effects will inevitably get better and more profound as you grow accustomed to the unique environment.  

Our wonderful and busy society does not lend a lot of time for doing nothing. It's understandable if your mind is loud and full of thoughts the first time you float, you may be excited, or nervous, and carry that energy into the tank with you. We've floated countless times and still occasionally experience this. It's very rare that anyone achieves their best anything from attempting it one time, and floating is no different.

We believe so much in your third float that it's on us when you buy two at regular price.  

Come on in, the water's waiting!

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