Mankind was once afraid of fire. Upon overcoming that fear, we gained a tool that would forever shape how we engaged the world.

Most fears are only real because we allow them to persist, we continue to tell ourselves the same story over and over until we begin to believe it, and even further, integrate it into our very persona. The more we say “I am afraid”, the more we shove that statement into the part of our brain that relishes in automating responses to patterns we encounter, or create. Of course, we can, on the other hand, use “I am” to re-pattern ourselves by voicing empowering affirmations such as “I am strong”, “I am fearless”, “I am capable of overcoming anything”.  Remember, you are in charge, not your brain. 

Having run a float center for several years now, we have had the pleasure of witnessing client after client overcome a handful of fears, the most common being claustrophobia, followed by the fear of being alone with one’s thoughts, silence, and fear of the dark.  Here is a list of some things that can be done to alter the environment to your comfort level.

Our pods are a lot larger than most people think. Feel free to call and come in for a tour, it may not even be an issue. There is also no way to be trapped inside, the door doesn’t even have a latch, it can simply be pushed open. You are also more than welcome to start your float with the door completely open, or propped open slightly with a hand towel. Also, BIG NEWS, we have a float cabin on the way, expected arrival is early June. Cabins are designed specifically to allow more room for people floating by increasing the ceiling height to around 8 ft, so it is literally like a walk-in closet.

Alone with your thoughts
Not a whole lot we can do about this one. I always encourage newcomers to learn and practice a couple of meditation or breathing techniques. One of the central themes of floating is going within, which may not be easily accomplished with a busy brain, but learning how to focus on breath and even using visualization techniques can help immensely.  Also, never try and stop your thoughts, this is the catch 22, if you are thinking about not thinking, then you're essentially thinking. When you notice you are off on a tangent, just calmly start paying attention to your breath again. Do this enough and it will become habit. If you think keeping the music on for you entire float will help smooth this out, let us know, we are more than happy to accommodate. 

It is not as silent as you may think. Your breath and even your heart beat can become key features in the tank. If you do hear your heartbeat, focusing on it can be a great guided meditation and help your mind relax even further.

There are a few things you can do to alter this. We have LED tea lights that you can take into the tank with you, and of course you can prop the door open with a rolled towel.

Remember, none of these fears are bigger than you, we promise, and we make that promise because we believe in your power, your strength, your ability to grow and overcome. Fear has its place in our lives, it can help to protect us, but it can also limit us unnecessarily. We can take those fears that no longer serve us and turn them into powerful agents for growth and self-empowerment. 

The experience is worth the effort, and so are you.