"Toes first, then to my knees, I climbed into the warm salty water. I gathered my thoughts, preparing myself for the unknown. Upon closing the door, I had opened my mind. Laying back, my body softened and bounced the surface like a buoy. My knees, belly and face becoming little islands in the tank as the rest of me was cradled protectively by the water. Water that you can't even feel, because it is your body temperature.

As I started to surrender a bit more I felt like I was spinning through space; clockwise and then counter clockwise. I grabbed ahold of the wall at one point, just to convince myself I was still in the tank, safe, and in control of my experience. In the darkest darkness that you could ever imagine I saw a million tiny lights twinkling all around me. Were they stars? Was I really in space? In disbelief, I almost rubbed my eyes with my salty hands. There were no more aches or pain. There was no more me. The silence was piercing, only penetrated by my breath and the light fluttering of my heart.

There was no time. The closest experience to the relativity of time that I've ever had and I was still spinning through space. When the music came back on to signal that my time was ending, I felt like I had just started. Had 90-minutes already passed? Ninety minutes of experiencing nothingness. Looking for ward to adding to my experience with my next float.

Highly recommended if you're into this sort of thing and aren't claustrophobic."  

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