Reduce stress

"This tank helped me decrease my stress level within the first 15 mins without any adverse effects. The last 75 was pure bliss... can't wait to go back!"   -Emmanuel

Relief for mommy-to-be

"LOVED it! I have been having back aches due to a sudden sedentary lifestyle because of all day nausea from pregnancy. I went and have zero backpain now. So, so happy!"   -Jessica

What's it like?

"Toes first, then to my knees, I climbed into the warm salty water. I gathered my thoughts, preparing myself for the unknown.

Try something new!

"Was anxious about the whole thing but now I can't wait to go again!! Try it - it's a good thing!"  -Kathy

Soothe body aches

"Had my first float today and was a little nervous about being stuck in a dark box with my own thoughts for so long...

Help slowing down

"Yesterday I finally floated. I had been looking forward to trying it for over 20 years, and Theta Float Spa did NOT disappoint.